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Japanese Cork Bark Black Pine 'Nishiki'

Japanese Cork Bark Black Pine 'Nishiki'

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pinus thunbergi 'Nishiki'

COMMON NAME: Japanese Black Pine Cork Bark

Japanese Black Pine are widely popular as garden trees and bonsai! This tree is native to North Eastern China, Japan, and Korea. This tree grows stiff dark green needles. This Nishiki variety or Cork Bark, is extremely fissured and gnarled compared to a standard black pine. As it gets older, the characteristics of the gnarled bark greatly intensifies! The tree you will be receiving is grafted to a standard black pine rootstock for better growth.


Image above is a sample stock picture. This may not be the exact tree you will receive, but one similar in size. We have a variety of ceramic pots. Pots may be a different shape/color as shown. We will select the best tree for you to ship. Be aware it is perfectly normal for leaves, flowers or fruit (if applicable) to drop during shipping on certain species..

This tree will come with care instructions.

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